Thursday, 17 August 2017


I was a complete yoga virgin before I attended a Birthlight Yoga class with Alex Glanville. I'd always been intrigued by the idea of yoga but I'd never had the confidence to attend a class because I imagined that I'd be far too out of shape to be considered any good at it. I thought of my huge pregnant belly as a bit of a 'Get Out of Jail Free' card; a totally valid reason why I couldn't get my leg behind my head or my arse in front of my face.

I found Alex Glanville, located in Tilehurst- Reading, by conducting a quick Google search and I mentioned it to a few of my friends one evening. A couple of weeks later the sweethearts revealed that they had bought me a block of pregnancy yoga lessons for my birthday so I trotted along to my first lesson in my old H&M leggings and a "too big" t-shirt. Potential yoga fitness model, I was not.

I remember my first lesson vividly, mainly because I really bloody enjoyed myself. Alex spent the first few minutes of the lesson going around the room getting everybody to introduce themselves (just your name! Nothing anxiety inducing!) along with how many weeks through their pregnancy they were and whether they had any aches, pains and ailments that week. I had been struggling hugely with lower back pain. It quickly became apparent that this was a common complaint amongst the other preggos and so Alex incorporated stretches and positions that would help to relieve tension in our lower backs into our session that week. Do you know what? IT WORKED. I felt like a new woman the next day. I could touch my toes, I could walk up stairs. I got out of bed without making that "URGH CHRIST" sound. Pregnancy yoga gave me back some control over a body that was determined to test me with a new and exciting malfunction every week of my pregnancy.

Thursday, 10 August 2017


I've never really been into 'Fitness'. I never got any joy out of spin classes at the gym, or running on a treadmill. When I was younger I used to really enjoy running outdoors but I don't have the stamina for that anymore, and I live in an area that is more 'police sirens' than wild bird calls. I enjoy swimming but it's a lot of faff for an hour isn't it? I never found something that I truly enjoyed or looked forward to and so fitness became a very dirty word in my mind. It was embarrassing to me; I would shuffle up to the gym with my head down and use machines away from everybody else. I'd cringe walking the aisles looking for workout gear that fitted me. Fitness was very much a chore that I attempted to endure, but mostly shied away from.

When I was pregnant with Alex I didn't worry about my weight. I enjoyed eating a hazelnut croissant for breakfast, or a bar of Dairy Milk after dinner. I believed that once Alex was born I would find it easy to snap back into eating healthily. I was no longer eating for two, right? HOW WRONG I WAS. I still get insatiable cravings for random things (mostly chocolate) and now that I'm up a few times during the night to feed the baby I find that I'm even more tempted by midnight snacks or a fizzy drink to get me through the afternoon. I decided that I needed to look into a few exercise classes that I could do throughout my maternity leave so I Googled "Fitness classes with a baby in Berkshire".

Buggyfit was one of the results. I'd seen talk of Buggyfit on various Facebook groups that I'm part of so I decided to message the instructor and find out what the big deal was. I quite liked the idea of doing something outside and popping Alex into his buggy for an hour seemed like a good way to get him to take an afternoon nap. "I'm not very fit or in shape", I confessed shamefully in my message to the instructor. I pictured women in designer trainers running gracefully through parks, chatting away as I huffed and puffed behind the group trying not to throw up whilst dreaming of a glass of wine.
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