Friday, 23 June 2017



Mr Alex Michael Herrington

8lb 4oz

Born June 5th, 9:26am

On June 5th I delivered my handsome little man at the Royal Berkshire Hospital after a slightly dramatic 'week of labour'. It feels like I've known him my entire life and that he's always been around. He's 18 days old today and he's fit and well- he is an eating, sleeping, pooping machine and he's doing all of those things like a pro.

Being a mum is immense. Like, insanely good. I wake up and he's awake, gurgling and staring at me from his crib next to my bed. He holds my fingers so tightly when he feeds. He stretches his legs out dead straight when it's time to get changed so that I can't get him into his onesie.

He's peed on me countless times already. He's shit up my leg and arm. He's kept me up at night simply because he refuses to let me put him down. Somehow, I remember almost none of those things as soon as he smiles or reaches out for me. Being a mum is immense.

I'll share my #birthstory soon, for those who want to read it.

Momma Sian x

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