Thursday, 2 February 2017


Tomorrow I'm going for my 20 week scan. 20 WEEKS. Never has the phrase "whirlwind of emotions" been so prevalent in my life. We found out we were pregnant on the 14th of October 2016, although I was pretty sure I was pregnant during the week beforehand. We were in America doing the West Coast Drive and I'd been feeling pretty dizzy and sick for a few days. As my husband is fully aware I am always right about everything; we found out we were pregnant minutes after getting back to the house.

The first couple of months were hard. The hardest part was the secrecy. I would definitely consider myself a private person but I don't often have "secrets" to keep from my friends. It's quite difficult to transition from 'SEE YOU IN REVS I'LL HAVE A PINOT' to 'I fancy going for dinner instead?' without raising any suspicions so I felt a bit like I was putting a wall around myself (no Trump jokes please). It was a pretty lonely few months. Things have definitely improved now that I'm out of the 'Pregnancy Closet', I absolutely love being pregnant and I already know that I'm going to miss it when the baby comes.

I struggled with morning sickness in the first 3 months but I had the evening version, so it hit me every single day between 5pm and 8pm. Driving home from work became a bit 'Whacky Races' and I often went straight from the car to bed. However, I think dealing with it in work at 9am would have been a much more traumatic experience so in hindsight I probably lucked out a bit.

Today I am 20 weeks and 2 days pregnant. I go for my 20 week scan tomorrow where we will hopefully find out whether we're having a girl or a boy. I toyed with the idea of not finding out but to be honest I'm kidding myself, I definitely want to know. My husband is super excited to find out and also it just makes planning considerably easier. I'm a planner (understatement).

Talking of husbands, Ben has been phenomenal since the day we got the positive. Honestly, I don't know what the hell I would have done without him. He's been patient, and kind, and supportive, and attentive. He's just been unreal. I've read a lot of "My other half is just not interested in my pregnancy" which to me would be terrifying, but Ben has stepped up to the bar and has been to every single antenatal booking and nurse appointment from day 1. Yesterday he put money in my account to buy a load of maternity clothes because I was getting a bit self conscious at work. He has just been "there" for me 100% of the time. He's listened to me bitch and moan and he's put up with ridiculous moodswings over absolutely nothing and he hasn't once been fed up with me. That boy deserves a medal.

I'm really enjoying being pregnant. It has ups and downs and it's definitely not easy but I have a new found confidence that has come out of nowhere, and I'm really happy right now. Baby Herrington will be arriving in June 2017!


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