Thursday, 14 April 2016

GIVEAWAY! Urban Decay NAKED2 BASICS Palette...

I'm running my first ever giveaway on Reviews at Random! I wanted to pick something that was absolutely worth winning, so I chose an Urban Decay NAKED2 palette. I'm absolutely obsessed with mine and it's full of gorgeous matte neutrals, all in 'Never Seen Before' shades. To enter, simply find the GIVEAWAY widget to the right of this post in the sidebar (or at the bottom if you're a mobile reader!) and Tweet to win. You can Tweet multiple times to boost your score, the winner will be chosen at random!


Tuesday, 12 April 2016

How to Avoid Buying a TV License, Legally!

I've never had a TV license. I once payed towards a shared license we used at a student house in 2009, but this is only time I've ever paid any money towards a TV license fee out of my own pocket. I use my TV every day, mainly to watch Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or to play Xbox games. Am I breaking the law? HELL NO.

I was living in my first house in Reading after my Uni graduation when a License Inspector first ever knocked on my door. "According to our records, you have not purchased a television license", droned the man. On this occasion I let him into my house to actually see that my TV was not hooked up to an aerial or any sort of Sky dish etc. He marked his form to say that I was "compliant in not owning a license" and we didn't hear from anyone again.

However, since I've moved into my new build house back in 2014 I've received 3 letters stating the corporal punishments in store for me for not paying for a TV license. These letters are pretty threatening and pretty bold, and I can understand why some people would just pay the TV license fee if they had any doubts at all that they were in the wrong. My letter stated the following:

  • We can apply to a court for access to your property.
  • An officer can take your statement under caution: anything you say to the officer can be used against your in court.
  • You risk a fine of up to £1000 plus legal costs
  • If your property is found to require a TV license you will still be required to purchase one

Dramatic, right?

Monday, 11 April 2016

Fitbit Alta: an Honest Review

There are so many fitness bands on the market; the leading market manufacturers at the moment are Fitbit, Jawbone, Garmin & the Microsoft Band. When Fitbit announced the Alta I really liked the look of it because it's the first one I've seen that is small and slimline rather than bulky with a large display. I don't wear a watch, and I hate the feeling of bracelets and watches, so I knew if I was going to buy a band I needed it to be lightweight so that I could forget about it. 

I went for the Fitbit Alta in plum. It costs £99 direct from the Fitbit online store, and it arrived on my doormat weeks before the pre-release shipping was even announced which was amazing. 

The Alta makes a great first impression. It ships with a small slimline charging cable which is great for charging in the office or on the go. It was very easy to set up simply by downloading the Fitbit app from the Apple App Store and enabling Bluetooth on both the band and my phone. The band takes information about your height, weight, age and other factors and optimizes targets based on your answers.
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