Wednesday, 24 February 2016

How to Make a Light String Collage

A couple of weeks ago I purchased a stack of photos from the Cheerz app. Cheerz is an app that allows you to link your Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox and iCloud photos in order to edit them and then get them shipped to you at home. There are loads of apps that do this but Cheerz is my favourite by a mile because the photos come out so perfectly printed; the quality is excellent. The prints ship really quickly and in cute rainbow packaging. It's also very good value, so that helps!

I wanted to do something a bit different as I already have about 40 frames that I need to get mounted on the walls at home so I created a light string collage in my guest bedroom for less than £22. I picked up a pack of mains powered festoon fairy lights in 'warm white' from Amazon for £16.99. I also picked up a pack of mini white wooden pegs for £1.99. Finally, I bought some clear Command Decorating clips (the clear ones) to fasten to the wall; these were £3.


Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Be My Valentine Chalkboard Kitchen Organiser

I'm obsessed with Etsy. I think it's fun, simple and a really friendly community to work with. I had been lusting after a kitchen organiser for weeks and as soon as my kitchen was painted in December I placed an order with LEBUFurniture. I asked for a large chalkboard and cork board organiser with a mason jar and mail holder. I also asked the creator of these lovely pieces, Mr Burgoyne, whether he would be able to include a small hook underneath the mail holder so that I could hang a calendar from it because I didn't want to put a hole in my wall.

LEBUFurniture allow you to choose the size and colour of the organiser. I went for large because I wanted both a chalkboard section and a cork board section. I also had a large empty wall free in the kitchen which I knew would be a perfect home for this. I chose a solid white paint finish as my kitchen walls are silvery grey with white skirting boards. The board arrived within a few weeks (each piece is custom-made depending on your requirements so don't expect any next day delivery) and I have to say that the quality is excellent. An added bonus is that these manufactured and shipped from the UK (from my very own South Wales to be exact!).

Monday, 8 February 2016

February Detox: A 5 Step Feel Good Gameplan

I've been feeling pretty run down lately. I've literally been getting home from work, putting sweats on and climbing under a duvet to eat a takeaway. Some call it Seasonal Affective Disorder (or SAD for short!) but in my case it's purely a shitty and ineffective coping mechanism that I'm blaming on bad weather.

Every now and again I go through a day or a week or a month where I just treat myself really badly; I drink too much, eat too much (of all the wrong things), I don't exercise and I don't really see or speak to people if I can help it. I'm the opposite of a 'picture of health' all year round and I've noticed that these 'binge months' are starting to effect me much more than they used to. I guess it's a vicious circle because the more I neglect what is good for me the worse I feel.

I'm going to try to nip this in the bud this month before the anxiety increases to the point where it starts to become a bigger problem than a few nerves before a meeting. This is the gameplan:

  • Stop drinking fizzy drinks: Let's be honest, I'm already a case study for diabetes and it runs on both sides of my family. This should be pretty easy despite the fridges of free fizzy drinks we have in the office as I don't drink many anyway (3 cans a week, if that). Sometimes I kid myself that a Coke Zero isn't bad for me, but we know it is. We knoooowwwwww.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

10 Things School Should Have Taught Us About 'Credit Scores'

Your credit score is what potential lenders use to work out whether they can lend you money. When I was in Uni I didn't really worry about my credit score because I assumed it was for people looking for bank loans or mortgages. I didn't realise that in fact I'd been slowly building up a credit profile since I got my first phone contract at 17. Now, at the grand old age of 25, my credit score is something that I check on a monthly basis because it's so important to me. Thanks for teaching us about photosynthesis Mrs Thomas, but wouldn't it have been a bit more useful to know this stuff...?!

  • Your credit score is checked if you apply for a loan on a car or for a credit card, for example. Did you know it's also checked when you apply for a phone contract, store card, energy provider (the guys who sort your gas and electric bills) or even for your car insurance?
  • There are different types of searches. If you use a price comparison website such as or they will assess your credit score even if you haven't decided to go ahead with any of the quotations. This type of search is called a 'Soft Search' and won't necessarily affect your credit rating but it will leave a 'Search Footprint' on your account. If you perform multiple soft searches in a short space of time this can affect your credit rating negatively.
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