Thursday, 28 July 2016

How to Survive the "Work Night Out"


It can be difficult to know what to wear. It's tempting to throw on your Friday night finest with skyscraper heels, but take a minute to think about what kind of evening you're heading to. Is it a pub? You'll need flats... Is it a bar? You might need to prepare to face an outdoor seating area. You don't want to be the girl that everyone is waiting for as she totters between venues in the rain...


Let's be honest- a work night out in Britain will include alcohol every single time. It's easy to get swept up in the evening and head straight from the office to the vodka. THIS IS A BAD PLAN. If you wouldn't go out on a Saturday night without eating a meal beforehand then don't do it on your work night out. You'll end up leaving early, with 'Trish from accounting' responsible for finding a cab that will take you home. You giant mess.


This is by far the most cringe thing you can do on a work night out. I've seen it 900 times. The new girl decides that she's going to be "the one that can drink you under the table". 2 hours later she's crying in the smoking area and she's given the boss her entire life story. Did you know that she can do the splits? YOU DO NOW. THE GLASS COLLECTOR KNOWS. THE FREAKIN' BAR STAFF KNOW. Don't be that guy.


Wednesday, 27 July 2016

The George, Winnersh, Reading | Food Poisoning?

The George is a Chef & Brewer pub situated on the riverside in Winnersh, Reading. It used to be an adorable little venue with lots of British character and lovely staff. I had my graduation dinner there back in 2011 and to this day I remember exactly what I had: a trio of mini British pies with butter mash potato and fresh vegetables. It was delicious.

We decided to visit The George last night at around 6pm. It was near enough empty except for a few old couples at the back. We were seated at the back of the restaurant at a table overlooking the river which was lovely. We ordered a couple of Appletizers. Service was pretty slow but we weren't in a rush so we didn't really mind waiting for menus and drinks etc. However, the meal itself was a hugely disappointing experience.

I ordered the Farmhouse Pate. It was a bit sad looking. The pate itself was fine but definitely not fresh and had obviously come from a packet. On the menu, the pate is served with "toasted bloomer". A bloomer, according to Wikipedia, is a crusty loaf with rounded ends, and typically with several parallel diagonal slashes across its top. I have been generous enough to illustrate a bloomer below...

This is not what I was served. I was served one piece of toast (like, '20p a loaf from Tesco bread' toast) that was miraculously both burned and cold. It came with a slab of butter. The last time I visited The George the pate was served with melba toast which is delicious. This starter was like something my little brother had created in food tech class because he had been asked to.

Monday, 25 July 2016

Standing Still

The past month has been interesting, to say the very least. In some ways I've had a really good month and in other ways I've had a pretty tough one. I'm smiling today, which is what counts I guess.

I have a few close friends who are going through some testing times right now. Testing is the most polite way I can think to phrase it. It's hard to know what to do, or what to say, and the most frustrating thing for me is being unable to help. My instinct is to throw myself into the situation and try to find ways to distract from what they are going through but unfortunately a glass of wine and a weekend away isn't going to provide the remedy they need. As I get older I feel like the post-breakup heartbreak dramas are becoming less common and now I feel like when things go wrong they go seriously wrong. I realise I'm being vague but it's not my place to go into detail.

I think that I've been so affected by what is happening to my friends because it just puts my own life in harsh perspective. I've spent a few hours awake at night getting myself worked up about things that will likely never happen and I can't seem to switch off at night properly.

I was poorly last week and spent most of my time on the sofa with cold and flu tablets. It was the hottest week we've had in the UK for years so naturally I got the flu. I hate being off work but actually in hindsight I can admit that I needed a bit of a rest. My job has pressures that never feel overwhelming but are constant, and so can be draining.

In general, it would be ridiculous of me to claim that things are anything other than good. My husband finally relented and let me order two new sofas for the living room which I'm super excited about. The living room was the last bit of the house that I wasn't pleased with and I'm looking forward to getting it "how I want it". I've also bought a breakfast bar for the kitchen and I'm on the hunt for a couple of white barstools so that we can use the kitchen as more of a practical space. I think I'd cook more if we had somewhere to hang out and chat, so that will be nice. I've just arranged to have some decking built in the garden that I'm going to put the BBQ on which will free up the patio space. I'm already in love with the fact that I can sit in the garden and read a book or have a glass of wine; having an outside space is a really awesome thing.
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