Monday, 13 June 2016

Life Updates in June

I spent the past week with my family in a lovely villa in Kalkan, Turkey, and it was incredible. I don't have the usual post holiday blues that I've become accustomed to, but I think that might be because June is the last month of the financial year at work which means I have the opportunity to earn myself a pretty nice bonus payment. Is it still taboo to talk about how much money motivates me?

The holiday was perfect and it was exactly what I needed. We had a 6 bedroom villa with a private pool that was a few steps away from the Beach Club and walking distance to the bars and shops in the evening. I went with my husband, parents, siblings, Aunt & Uncle and a few cousins. I feel like I never see my brothers so it was really good to catch up with them, even if one did push me head first into a sea full of huge fish. Little bastard. I spent the week lying in the sun, swimming and eating pizzas (not at the same time).

Things are really good at the moment. I feel like I'm more in control of 'life' recently. I made the last payment on the wedding last month (note to brides-to-be: wedding bands are expensive) and I also reduced the balance on my credit card by quite a bit which has taken a huge amount of stress off my shoulders.

Unfortunately we lost my lovely Grandma one month ago as she succumbed to old age, as I guess we all will. I visited her in hospital a few times and never once heard a moan or complaint out of her. Whilst it was very sad for everybody, I'm glad that she's not in pain anymore. In the past month my family has really rallied together to make sure that my Grampy is coping and that all of Nans things are in order. It made me think a lot about how lucky I am to have a huge family around me, even if I don't see half of them nearly as much as I'd like to.

It's Fathers Day this weekend and I'm looking forward to spoiling my Dad. He's had a pretty tough few months and he is very much the 'Suffer in Silence' type which means that sometimes I think we assume he's fine when he's not. I've got a surprise planned which I know he'll enjoy.

I'm still not over the fact that it's June. How did that happen? It will be Christmas before we know it, and I'm not angry about that at all!


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