Wednesday, 4 May 2016

The Golden Ball in Maidenhead; A Roast Review

A couple of Sundays ago my husband and I headed over to Maidenhead with my brother and sister to hit up some sweet sweet hangover Toby Carvery. They were absolutely rammed. We got there and realised that nothing on Gods green earth could justify a 1.5 hour wait for a Toby Carvery, so we decided to try the Golden Ball Pub & Kitchen over on Pinkneys Green, Maidenhead. I called ahead to let them know that we were coming & the staff were very accommodating and friendly even at 5 minutes notice (which is all we gave them!).

The Golden Ball is a lovely British pub serving beers, real ales and an amazing selection of stunning British food. It has a large and welcoming outside seating area and it is also dog friendly which gives the venue a comforting, homely feel.

We all opted for the roast dinner: 2 x Devon Prime Rump of Beef, 1 x Chicken Supreme & 1 x Lentil & Carrot Nut Roast. The vegetables and cauliflower cheese were served separately on warmed plates so that we could all help ourselves. The gravy jugs were plentiful (I cannot STAND a restaurant that is stingy with the gravy; I want my dinner to swim, thank you very much...) and the cuts of meat were absolutely divine. The vegetables were perfectly cooked and still had a bit of bite to them rather than being mushy and overcooked. The Yorkshire pudding was particularly delicious, and huge! The feedback from my sister on the Lentil & Carrot Nut Roast was that the nut topping gave a lovely crunchy element to the meal and the accompanying vegetarian gravy was thin but actually paired with the meal particularly well. The Golden Ball also have options to cater for coeliacs who need a gluten free meal which can be difficult to find sometimes.

The Lentil & Carrot Nut Roast

We were all looked after very well during our meal. We weren't hounded by waiters but the drinks were refilled in a timely manner and we were asked if our food was to the expected standard a few minutes after it arrived. I'm no food critic and so this isn't going to be a long winded review, but I think it's important to call out good service when you get it, and I know that from now I'll always be happy to spend a few extra pounds on a roast dinner at The Golden Ball. I'd seriously recommend you drop in if you're ever in the area: it's the best roast dinner I've had in 2016 so far!


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