Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Sigma Travel Kit- Mr Bunny Brush Review

I got the Mr Bunny Travel Brush kit for my birthday and I wanted to make a very quick post to let you know how amazing it is. I've never been one for spending loads on makeup brushes. Don't get me wrong; if I could afford to spend a couple of hundred quid on the MAC Kabuki brush kit I definitely would. But I can't. *sob*

Sigma brushes have been featured in so many blogs and vlogs and are firm favourites of the likes of Zoella and co, and after some careful research I realised that they pretty much had exclusively 5 star ratings on most reputable online beauty stores. I decided to give them a go and asked my husband to get them for me for my birthday.

The brushes are gorgeous. I got hold of them for under £60 from FeelUnique and they arrived in a cute little box. There are 7 brushes in this kit and all the basics are covered; liquid foundation, powder, eyeshadow and pencil, blending and contouring. The brushes themselves come in a handy little container which keeps them safe; the container splits into two individual pots if you plan to store them upright on a dressing table. The brushes are also vegan friendly.

I've used the brushes every day since I got them and I've never found it so easy to apply my makeup. I'm borderline useless when it comes to "proper makeup application" but the Sigma brushes make it so easy. For the first time ever I'm enjoying experimenting and I've been having fun with the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette that my beautiful Kylie-Jenneresque baby sister got me as a birthday gift. I think these are brilliant brushes at a very affordable price-point. 10/10!


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