Wednesday, 24 February 2016

How to Make a Light String Collage

A couple of weeks ago I purchased a stack of photos from the Cheerz app. Cheerz is an app that allows you to link your Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox and iCloud photos in order to edit them and then get them shipped to you at home. There are loads of apps that do this but Cheerz is my favourite by a mile because the photos come out so perfectly printed; the quality is excellent. The prints ship really quickly and in cute rainbow packaging. It's also very good value, so that helps!

I wanted to do something a bit different as I already have about 40 frames that I need to get mounted on the walls at home so I created a light string collage in my guest bedroom for less than £22. I picked up a pack of mains powered festoon fairy lights in 'warm white' from Amazon for £16.99. I also picked up a pack of mini white wooden pegs for £1.99. Finally, I bought some clear Command Decorating clips (the clear ones) to fasten to the wall; these were £3.

I decided to run the cable along the corner of the room from behind the bed to hide the plug socket, which is quite bulky as the festoon lights I bought can be used outside which means the adapter is quite large. I used the Command strips to make sure the wire stayed flush to the corner of the room to make it a bit less noticeable.

It's really easy to use the Command strips to hook the fairy lights up. You simply peel the backing off the strip and apply the hook to the wall with pressure for 30 seconds (so 10 seconds maximum in reality). The instructions said that you had to wait a few hours before hanging anything on the hooks but this would have made it hard for me to space out the lights properly so I just went for it; they haven't fallen off the wall.

Once you've hooked the fairy lights onto the wall using the Command strips you simply use the mini white pegs to peg your Instagram prints to the fairy light cabling. The only thing you need to watch out for is to make sure you don't position the prints directly against the light bulbs in case the prints get damaged when the lights are on.

I absolutely love how the collage looks and I was amazed at how cheap and simple it was to create. It makes a great alternative to a glaring bedside lamp. I love these festoon lights, I also think it would be really interesting to create a string collage with rosebud lighting or with those cute Moroccan lantern fairy lights. I've also seen some really pretty collages made from fairy light nets that you hang across one entire wall, especially effective in larger rooms!

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