Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Be My Valentine Chalkboard Kitchen Organiser

I'm obsessed with Etsy. I think it's fun, simple and a really friendly community to work with. I had been lusting after a kitchen organiser for weeks and as soon as my kitchen was painted in December I placed an order with LEBUFurniture. I asked for a large chalkboard and cork board organiser with a mason jar and mail holder. I also asked the creator of these lovely pieces, Mr Burgoyne, whether he would be able to include a small hook underneath the mail holder so that I could hang a calendar from it because I didn't want to put a hole in my wall.

LEBUFurniture allow you to choose the size and colour of the organiser. I went for large because I wanted both a chalkboard section and a cork board section. I also had a large empty wall free in the kitchen which I knew would be a perfect home for this. I chose a solid white paint finish as my kitchen walls are silvery grey with white skirting boards. The board arrived within a few weeks (each piece is custom-made depending on your requirements so don't expect any next day delivery) and I have to say that the quality is excellent. An added bonus is that these manufactured and shipped from the UK (from my very own South Wales to be exact!).

I bought a small year calendar from The Native State (another Etsy favourite of mine) to hang from the organiser. I went for an a5 "Motivational Print" calendar which includes a load of super cute quotes and graphics. It shipped really promptly and the quality is literally impeccable; the print is vibrant and without smudges or mistakes. The price was good too!

I also picked up a pack of computer keyboard drawing pins for the corkboard because I'm a huge massive Microsoft nerd. I got them from Cyclopaedia on Etsy (a great place for all things steampunk, geek and vintage) and again the quality is great. I was convinced that the drawing pins would instantly separate from the computer keys but they're holding fast and I love them.

The mason jar is handy for storing miniature chalks or whiteboard markers but you can also use it for fresh flowers. I decided that I'd get some red tulips in the spirit of Valentines Day and I think they look gorgeous.

I can't recommend LEBUFurniture highly enough. They offer a great selection of colours to choose from that include gorgeous greys, mint greens and creams. You can also choose whether you want a solid finish or a more rustic finish that looks more like natural wood. Finally, you can choose whether you want hooks or shaker pegs along the bottom. I chose hooks because I wanted to keep keys on them. I should also note that the board was really easy to install on the wall. It isn't overly heavy and I've hung mine on an internal wall so you don't need to worry about finding a brick wall in your house to mount it on.

Visit Etsy to get yours!

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