Sunday, 31 January 2016

Surviving "Winter Face": A Skincare Haul

My skin has been a nightmare for the past month or so, I think mainly due to the cold weather and the insane amount of chocolate and general garbage I consumed at Christmas. I found that my old cleanser (a Garnier foaming lotion) was really drying my skin out and I was getting really rosy cheeks, but not in a cute way; in a more of a "Oh cool now I need 4 different colour foundations on my face" kind of way. I wanted to highlight a few products that I invested in that saved me from "Winter Face"...

This cleansing gel by Vichy is for oily or combination skin that is prone to breakouts. It is designed to get rid of excess sebum without drying your skin out. I've been using it for about 3 weeks now and I am absolutely in love. It is free of any parabens (chemical preservatives that are commonly used by the pharmaceutical industry and have been linked to causes of cancer in women), free of any fragrance, free of soap and it's also hypoallergenic (specifically unlikely to incite an allergic reaction in people with sensitive skin). The handy pump-style bottle means that I can leave this in my shower so I use it every day without fail. It costs around £11.50 at Feel Unique so it's a great mid-market priced product, I've included a link to buy it in the product title just above.

This ultra-fine facial exfoliation scrub by La Roche-Posay is by far the best facial scrub I've found on the market this year. I am a huge believer in the importance of a good scrub if you want to ensure that you're getting rid of the dead cells that cause blemishes and oil to build up on your T-Zone, but it can be hard to find one that isn't too harsh. The La Roche Ultra-Fine Scrub is paraben free, alcohol free, soap-free and colourant free. It's also worth noting that La Roche-Posay as a brand are very knowledgeable when it comes to problem skin and more serious cases of acne. This scrub is non-comedogenic which means that it is formulated in a way which means it breaks down the excess oils on your skin but doesn't strip your skin of the necessary moisture and nutrients it needs. The scrub seems to last for ages; I've used it twice a week for about 4 weeks and I still have over 3 quarters of the tube left. At a price point of £10 per 50ml this is a bargain! Link in the product title again... 

The Dead Sea Delicate Boosting Mask really is an instant skin booster. It's really creamy and very smooth so it's perfect for when you find yourself sat in the bath for an hour, especially as the steam from a hot bath opens your pores. I wasn't sure I was fully bought into the whole 'real mud from the actual Dead Sea' thing, but I can honestly say that this is an amazing mask if you're looking to revitalize your complexion and cleanse your face of impurities. The most noticeable thing about the Dead Sea boosting mask is the way it makes your face feel afterwards; it leaves you with a lovely even skin texture and a wonderfully smooth face for days. This mask costs roughly £8.20 at Feel Unique which is less than some Body Shop or Lush face masks. It's fantastic value for money and again it is free of all parabens and suitable for those of us with sensitive skin. Link in the title. 

The Clinique Turnaround Overnight moisturizer is by far the best night moisturizer I've been able to find. Perfect for skin types ranging from very dry to oily and combination skin, this night moisturizer is luxurious and sinks into your skin beautifully. This little pot is designed to be used overnight as a sort of 'skin rescue' formula. It helps your skin recover from damage caused by sun and by the daily grind, and by morning gives your skin a noticeable glow. I am a huge fan of Clinique and I believe that they make the best skincare on the market today. I paid around £34 for 50ml (and got a free gift from Feel Unique!) which is a tiny investment compared with how long this product actually lasts. I use this every night before bed and I'm still using the moisturizer that transfers onto the lid of the pot when I close it up each night. It looks like I've never used it. You need such a tiny amount that I think this is going to last me months. Link in the title. Have happy skin!


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