Monday, 29 June 2015

Stress Relief for the Modern Family

Today is my target-eve. Tomorrow is June 30th which means that it is the last day of the financial year and I have roughly 34 hours to close every opportunity that I am working on (and then some) so that I can maximise the amount I'll get paid at the end of July.

On Saturday I will be on a plane to Turkey to celebrate my hen party with my #bestgals2k15. There will be wine consumed by the gallon. I haven't started packing, I don't have my travel VISA or any money sorted. I'm in work all day every day until Friday evening.

In 9 weeks and 6 days I will become Mrs Herrington. I've still got a shit-tonne of things to pay for (chair covers cost £125 to rent- who knew?) and I've still got people pissing on my table plan so I can't quite work out what I've still got to save between now and September to be able to afford everything.

I need to get the license plate on my car replaced because it snapped. There's no milk in the fridge, and my house is a bloody mess. I AM STRESSED.

Stresses take different forms. Sometimes they're first-world stresses (the holiday stressing could fall into this category, I guess) and sometimes they are jarring, crippling stresses. Both are genuine, but I've found a few tricks that can help mediate the stresses in your life and turn them into constructive and motivating bursts of productivity...

  1. Sleep. Sleep is always the first thing that I neglect when I feel like I have too much going on and it's always the easiest thing to rectify. Everything seems much more dramatic the day after a late night. If you feel like you're overwhelmed then get into bed with a good movie and chill the eff out. "Everything will feel better in the morning". It's true.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Blloon App Review; Netflix for Books

A few weeks ago I saw an advert on Twitter for an app called 'Blloon'. I very rarely read or even notice these adverts as I scroll through posts looking for the latest and greatest updates from my little Twitter family, but the strapline really stopped me mid-scroll: "All-you-can-read on your iPhone & iPad. Over 700,000 top books for just £7.99 a month".

I decided to have a look at the Blloon website to see what sort of titles they had in their portfolio of books. I expected a few re-worked, old Shakespeare novels along with a whole bunch of unknown and uninteresting authors, much like the Free section of iBooks or the Google Play Book Store. What I found was an astounding collection of beautiful novels written by known authors, a huge number of them being very recent releases. I found books by Matt Haig and Marion Coutts. I found The Life of Pi by Yann Martel and The Moaning of Life by Karl Pilkington. I found Death of the Demon by Anne Holt and Finding Me by Michelle Knight.

I found books on that app that were on my Amazon Wishlist. It almost seemed too good to be true. I decided to offer Bj√∂rn Schefzyk, Blloon Co-Founder, an interview to get the lowdown on an app that I can see descending gently into our bedtime routines...

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

What Really Consitutes "Amazing Customer Service" These Days? I KNOW!

I can think of plenty of times when I've experienced really bad or generally lacklustre customer service. It usually comes from large companies; companies who are so far detached from their consumer-base that they give their social media teams scripts to follow on Twitter. Companies who create complicated telephony routing systems that require you to solve a complex algebraic problem similar to "Hannah's Sweets" in order to be considered worthy enough to speak to a robot that can't understand the words "LET ME SPEAK TO YOUR HUMAN LEADER" and promptly hangs up on you so that you can start again.

It's rare that I walk out of a shop and think "... Wow", but that all changed on Saturday the 13th of June.

I received a text on my way to Oxford on Saturday that basically said "Hi, this is Tesco Reading West. We unfortunately have had 3 delivery drivers call in sick today and are unable to get your home delivery to you. Please contact us on this number to re-arrange, sorry for any inconvenience".

Thursday, 11 June 2015

How To Make a DIY Table Plan for Your Wedding

I spent a long time looking for websites/online resource that could help me create a table plan for the wedding. There are a lot of services and stationery companies that can print off your final table plan (the one that is displayed at the venue, all polished and glossy) but there didn't seem to be much out there for people who wanted to create their own rough copy at home; a 'work in progress' table plan.

Friday, 5 June 2015

No Bake Chocolate Cheescake Recipe; a No Bake Review

I've been trying to get a bit more creative in the kitchen because there really is a limit to the number of times I can make fajitas, a roast dinner or a tuna pasta bake. One of the main problems I face is that I get absolutely zero enjoyment out of standing in the kitchen for hours prepping or waiting for things to cook so I wanted to find a recipe for a quick but more importantly easy dessert.

I found a Good Food recipe for a "No Bake Chocolate Cheesecake" (all credit goes to Good Food, I'll put the link at the bottom of this post) and decided that I'd use the bank holiday weekend to trash my kitchen by having a go at this seemingly simple recipe. The concept of 'No Bake' is completely new to me but also very appealing because I'm useless at the whole "Don't open the oven door or the cakes will sink" thing... Here's my attempt:



Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Fallout 4 Release- 02.06.2015

Are the rumours true? Is the Fallout 4 release date about to be officially confirmed by Bethesda?

Bethesda have posted the below tweet- I will be updating as I hear more!

Latest- Virgin Media tweet!

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