Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Sasha's Pet Sitting Company; a Customer Review

I am not a fan of catteries. I don't like the thought of handing my cat over to somebody who intends to keep it in a small pen, quite often outside in the cold, with little human interaction. I've had a bad personal experience where my cat wasn't fed the cat food that I provided to the cattery. When I returned from my holiday my cat was very poorly and had a bad stomach for days. She was also withdrawn and refused to leave the laundry basket for a few days. I decided that I would rather look for a petsitter so that I could leave my current cat, Teddy, at home in familiar surroundings with all of his toys at paws' reach.

Finding a good petsitter can be a challenge; after all, you are entrusting somebody with keys to your house and full access to all of your things. You're trusting that they lock up properly, and that they don't leave the heating on when they leave. You're also trusting that they will attend as promised rather than dumping a load of food down in the evening so that they can have a lie-in the next day (that's a horror story for another time...). Thankfully, I found Sasha.

Sasha is a full time Veterinary Receptionist based in Reading, Berkshire. She has her own business that offers petsitting services to the local area (and surrounding areas for a small petrol fee). This can include an overnight stay if you'd like, or you can choose to have her visit once or twice a day for £5 per visit to your cat or dog. Sasha also offers dog-walking services along with an 'Animal Ambulance' service for customers who need emergency transportation to a local Vets surgery and don't have their own transport.

I first decided to use Sasha to look after Teddy after having a very positive personal recommendation from a friend. I had known Sasha for a few years, but it wasn't until I bought my kitten that I thought about the need for a petsitter, and I had a holiday looming. Sasha came over to my house for a initial consultation where she ran through the costs and also the details of the services that she provides. My cat instantly warmed to Sasha which was completely unreal, as he actively avoids the majority of my friends and family. Much to my amazement, by the end of the consultation Teddy had sat patiently and allowed Sasha to cut his claws; a job that I still bare scars from to this very day. It was clear that Sasha had a tangible ability to bond with my Ted and he was comfortable with her which was all the reassurance I needed. I handed Sasha a key and left for my holiday.

Whilst I was away Sasha kept in constant contact (which I had requested, and is optional!) with a load of videos and photos of my cat in various states of bliss across the week. It was really reassuring to me, and proves that when Sasha says that she is going to attend your house twice every day she most definitely does attend twice every day. I returned to a perfectly kept house (no muddy footprints or dirty coffee cups!) and to a fat and happy cat. Sasha had even brought over a few toys for him to play with while we were away to help to keep him entertained throughout the day. I was so impressed with her work that I immediately made a booking for our next holiday that was coming up in a few months.

Sasha charges a very fair price for her service, roughly £5 per visit depending on where you are, which is cheaper than the catteries in my area. She has her own vehicle and so doesn't reply on public transport at all, which of course is a very important consideration over bank holidays and Christmas, for example. It's also worth noting that Sasha is very well accredited and has completed courses in Veterinary Support Assistance, Dog Training, Dog Walking and Pet Home Sitting, Animal Psychology, Dog Grooming, Pet Plan Insurance and Pet First Aid. The fact that Sasha is so willing to invest in her personal skill set and development is another reason I feel so confident in recommending her as my petsitter of choice. The petsitting market is quite saturated in Reading but I have also heard a lot of horror stories of missing keys and even missing pets. Sasha, however, is fully insured and very trustworthy; her work ethic is really one to be admired and her Facebook page is constantly garnering new 5* reviews. It is also full of photos and updates on the animals she is currently looking after and is a very strong testimony to the quality of her work.

You can contact Sasha using her website which can be found here: http://sashaspetsitting.my-free.website/. You can also check her Facebook page for her most recent reviews and customer testimonies: https://www.facebook.com/sashaspetsitting/?fref=photo.

I want to say a huge thanks to Sasha for her help over the past year and also for the cute little Christmas gift bag of cat treats that she put together for Teddy. We're looking forward to having you back in March!

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