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Jennifer Maw Hair & Makeup; a Review

I looked at around thirty-eight thousand hair and makeup artists when I was planning my wedding. Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration, but it honestly doesn't feel like much of one! I had some pretty amazing quotes, and when I say amazing I mean amazingly ridiculous. One company, who shall remain anonymous but is based in Buckinghamshire, provided me with a quote that almost stunned me to silence. I asked for a quote for hair and minimal makeup for myself and 4 bridesmaids and received a quote of £3,500. THREE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED POUNDS. The best bit? That price didn't include VAT.

I was lucky enough to get a personal recommendation from a friend, and that recommendation was to get in contact with Jennifer Maw. Jen provides hair styling and bridal makeup for weddings and other formal events. She is a mobile artist and will travel to your wedding venue to meet you bright and early in the morning. I decided to book a trial with Jennifer to see whether we could achieve what I had in mind.

I quickly realized that I didn't have any perfect ideas in my mind. I spent the morning of the day of the trial fretting over Pinterest to try to find some bridal styles that I liked for both my hair and my makeup. I didn't get very far and instead decided that I would just give Jen a rough idea of what I wanted and see if she could come up with a look that I liked. I was more than pleasantly surprised. Jennifer very quickly and calmly did trial hair and makeup for both myself and my bridesmaid, Lauren. The results were gorgeous. My makeup was very minimal and classic but rather than being 'barely there' I ended up with a a healthy, dewy complexion with a warm pink lip and some classic curls. Below is a photo of the trial hair and makeup which took barely an hour for each of us.

I didn't need any more convincing and I quickly snapped Jen up for my wedding day in September of 2015. It was probably the best decision I made when it comes to the wedding morning.

Jennifer turned up exactly on time at 7am in Taplow, Buckinghamshire, on the morning of the wedding. I wouldn't consider myself to have been a particularly nervy or anxious bride, and I think I can credit that down to the amazing calming affect that Jennifer Maw immediately cast over the room. I was able to enjoy the morning of my wedding drinking coffee in my robe in bed whilst my bridesmaids were styled in the bridal suite under my watchful eye. This was quite calming because I could see that everything was running according to plan and that my bridesmaids looked gorgeous.

Jennifer turned up with a stunning makeup trunk. She exclusively uses name brand products and she had a huge haul of the latest and greatest products by Benefit, Mac, NARS, Urban Decay and more. Her makeup collection was absolute #lifegoals and she had clearly spared no expense on her kit. I also noticed that Jen was very diligent when it came to hygiene. She used disposable applicators for eyeshadow and mascara and disposable sponges for foundation etc. Nothing was used on my eyes and then dipped back into a pot that had been used on other women. I hadn't put any thought into this before the big day as I'm pretty novice when it comes to makeup application, but it did dawn on me that the last thing you want to risk on your wedding day is an eye infection!

Jennifer had a very controlled and calm way of ensuring that she got around each of my bridesmaids in a timely manner. She was very flexible and called each girl over depending on who was ready first and who wasn't busy with other things. She was able to manage this really efficiently and completed hair for a few of the girls before switching to makeup whilst curls dropped, and to avoid the makeup wearing off before the ceremony. Every single one of us was done with time to spare and as my makeup was completed the rollers came out of my hair and the entire bridal party was complete without a single ounce of panic during the entire 5 hours.

Jennifer charges a very fair rate. She isn't the cheapest hair and makeup artist you can find (who the hell books the cheapest hair and makeup artist they can find for their wedding day?!) but her prices are extremely reasonable. When it comes to value for money I can sincerely say that Jennifer Maw was the wisest investment we made on the day and I can't describe to you how grateful I was for her friendly, positive attitude and professional service on the day.

Not only is Jennifer Maw a professional, she is just a classicly lovely person. I had a few questions over the months before the wedding and she was always at hand to help. I asked her about covering up my wrist tattoo with prosthetic makeup (something which she'd never done before) and she was able to offer a load of brilliant ideas and a really helpful 'can do' attitude to all of my questions. Nothing ever seemed to be an inconvenience for Jen and she was very low-maintenance on the wedding day, being perfectly happy with a few coffees and some water whilst she worked tirelessly and with a smile on her face. She was also very personable and a number of people (my mother being one of them!) commented on what a professional artist she was.

I can't count the number of people who have asked me who did our hair and makeup for my wedding day. The makeup lasted all day without any smudging or fading despite the fact I was on the dancefloor for about 6 hours straight. I kissed each guest as I greeted them; my lipstick was there for the last guest. I also tossed my hair around a lot throughout the day and it remained perfectly in place even after I'd slept on it that night.

You can contact Jennifer Maw using her Facebook page which you can find here: The page has a tonne of 5* customer reviews that you can read along with a beautiful collection of photos of the hair and makeup that Jen has done over the past few weeks and months.

Jen- thank you so much for your hard work and all of the time you spent on us. I'd recommend you to anybody, and I literally cannot fault your work! Thank you!

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