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Hana Laurie; A Wedding Photography Review

Picture this: you get back from your honeymoon in a whirlwind of euphoria and still eagerly recounting which parts of the wedding day were the best: how hilarious 'dancing grandma' was, and how you spent a good three hours calling to your wedding guests from the dancefloor to top your wine glass up. You sit down to peruse your wedding photos but your photographer seems to have missed dancing grandma. He's also missed the group shots, and a few of the family photos you asked for. The crushing reality: your wedding photographer has cocked up. What can you do? Absolutely nothing.

Every bride I spoke with in the run up to the wedding was having the same panic as me: what if I simply make a bad decision? What if the photos don't come out as I imagined them? It's such a crucial part of the day because it immortalizes the whole event. Your children will look at these photos. Your grandchildren will likely look at these photos! I spent a long time getting myself worked up and I struggled for many months to find a photographer that I was confident in and comfortable with. Until Hana. Let me introduce...

Hana Laurie

Hana Laurie was truly a 'one in a million' wedding photographer. Hana was one of the best decisions I made out of the entire portfolio of vendors that I booked for my wedding day and I want to share this with the world in the hope that you can feel confident in deciding to book her for your wedding photography.

Reasons Why You Should Book Hana Laurie NOW


  • Hana Laurie turns up. Early. An hour before I was due to walk down the aisle I had the realization that I hadn't seen Hana. Panic ensued and I called downstairs to the wedding planner. It turns out that Hana had been at the venue for a while already; she had been photographing the wedding cake, the flowers, the rings, the venue, the candles, the groomsmen and the guests arriving. Then, in plenty of time, she headed up to photograph myself and my bridesmaids along with our bouquets and dress prep. 

  • Hana Laurie is experienced. As is normally the case I have never been the bride at a wedding before. I didn't really understand which photos I wanted of what, and how all the timings would work, so I trusted Hana to disappear off and get it done. Hana got photos of the ceremony from amazing angles, and she managed to get a huge variety of shots without ever being in the way during the ceremony. In fact, I almost forgot she was there (sorry Hana!) until I got the chance to see the photos afterwards. Hana knows what's up when it comes to a wedding ceremony and that certainly showed.
  • Hana Laurie is fun. My nightmare? Shot after shot of fake, stiff, posed wedding photos. Bride and groom holding hands and smiling, bride pretending that walking through grass in 6 inch stilettos is absolutely second nature whilst smiling, groom and groomsmen standing stiffly in front of an old car. I wanted candid shots; I wanted people laughing, I wanted people crying. I wanted shots of my bridesmaids, champagne and wedding cake in mouth. I wanted shots of drunken best men on the dancefloor. I cannot emphasize how much this is reflected in the photos that I received. At one point, a poor helpless waitress dropped a tray of glasses out on the terrace as we were having a huge group photo. Hana didn't flinch, but she did manage to catch the exact moment we all cheered the poor girl as she scurried off inside to clear up, and I love that photo. 

  • Hana Laurie has an eye for detail.  Thanks to Hana, I have a gorgeous collection of photos of little things that I put a lot of thought into, but that could have easily been overlooked on the day. I have photos of the flowers, close up. I have photos of the wicker basket of flip flops I put out for girls in high heels with achey feet. I have photos of the table settings and names, and the table plan. I can promise you that these are things that you will want to remember after the day is over, and thanks to Hana I will always have this to treasure.


  • Hana Laurie also runs a photobooth business. Like a true entrepreneur, Hana has realized that there is a huge amount of enjoyment to gain from a photo booth from the perspective of a newlywed couple. The number of amazingly awful photos I have of my friends and family is unreal, and every single one brought a smile to my face. Hana simply set the photobooth up next to the dancefloor, chucked a load of fun wedding props inside and let the wine do the rest. The result: 13 consecutive photos of my friends trying and failing to take an attractive photo, then relenting and instead going for the more achievable "extreme chins" look. Hana also encouraged each guest to sign a guestbook and she stuck a copy of the photobooth photo inside so that I have a sort of makeshift scrap book full of (mostly) kind messages from our guests. Check out her photobooth website >> here <<
  • Hana Laurie doesn't slack on the post-wedding day stuff. Once the wedding was done, Hana was in constant communication with me regarding the photos. She followed up within a few days to let me know when the photos would be ready. Hana ensured that the online album of my photos was made private (accessible via a link) at my request, and she also wasted no time in posting me a USB stick containing every photo so that I had hard copies. It would have been understandable if Hana had been more difficult to get hold of after the wedding; my day was done, and Hana is a busy lady. This was absolutely not the case. If anything, Hana was just as keen to keep in touch and as usual had plenty of time for every stupid question that I had.

Hana can fully customize your wedding photography package. Want her there for the ceremony only? Fine. Want her to stay for the first dance and cake cutting? Not an issue. Want her to photograph the entire day and then set the photobooth up for a few hours in the evening? Totally cool. It is Hana's professional, friendly and laid-back attitude that sealed the deal for me. I can't recommend her highly enough. Visit her main site >> here <<, you won't regret it!


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