Friday, 2 October 2015

How to Find a "Bargain Luxury Holiday"

I love to travel. Any spare bit of money I have usually goes on a holiday or on spending money for a holiday and I am always thinking about my travelling plans for the next 12 months. In the past 2 years I've been to Kenya, Morocco, Turkey, New York, Florida, Frankfurt and I'm off to Thailand in 9 weeks.

I consider myself to be a pretty good bargain hunter when it comes to holidaying, and I'd love to share what I believe is an undiscovered gem of a tool with you all; The British Airways Holiday Finder.

The BA Holiday Finder is essentially a travel search tool that can help you find a getaway that fits perfectly within your budget and within your availability. There are many advantages to using this tool if, like me, it quite often doesn't really matter where you go or even when you go. The tool allows you to specify which month you'd like to travel in, roughly where you want to go and for how long for and will give you a huge list of packages that include flights, a hotel and also a fully inclusive option if you specify that in the search. Let me demonstrate...

The first thing you want to do is click the 'Advanced Search' tab at the top of the page. Then you want to pick the month that you're looking to travel in. Leave the 'Destination' option blank (you can filter this later) and pick the star rating and board basis that you want the hotel to meet. I filtered using the below criteria (leaving in May, needs to be 5*, needs to be All Inclusive, near a beach and relatively warm) and got 289 holidays to choose from.

The BA Holiday Finder tool will give you a list of options that you can then filter by wider location/continent and you can sift through the results manually to find your perfect getaway! The cheapest option that came up for me was a trip to Kos in Greece for 7 nights All Inclusive for only £282 per person. See?! Ridiculously good! You will also get a huge list of more luxury breaks and you can use the handy TripAdvisor rating to get a good idea of how good the hotel actually is as voted by the general public rather than the vendors themselves.

The tool allows you to narrow your search by country as shown by the below. £974 for a week in the Dominican Republic at a 5* hotel on All Inclusive INCLUDING FLIGHTS AND TAXES?! You are WELCOME, my lovelies!

This post is, quite obviously, not sponsored by British Airways. I just think this is the best holiday hunting tool out there! It would be awesome to see some more functionality added because it's hard to establish whether a hotel is in the city centre or out in the middle of the financial district (more of a business hotel option). It would also be nice to be able to filter by hotel features, i.e. "Hotels with Pools" or "Hotels Near Nightlife". That being said, I've found and booked so many holidays using this tool and they have always been fantastic breaks. Happy Holiday Hunting!

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