Friday, 9 October 2015

Buying Your Wedding Invites & Placecards; an Optimalprint Review

There are a load of online companies who offer wedding invite printing services. It's a service in huge demand as guestlists get larger and the concept of creating 80 handmade wedding invitations becomes more and more daunting. I looked at a huge variety of printing companies, some of whom had a great variety of designs at very high prices and others who had a limited variety of designs at very cheap prices. I decided to settle in between both of those options with the lovely team at Optimalprint.

Optimalprint offer a whole "Wedding Portfolio" of products that include:
  • Save the Date
  • Wedding Invitations
  • Driving Directions
  • RSVP Cards
  • Order of Service Cards
  • Menu
  • Place Cards
  • Thank You Cards
  • Anniversary Invitations

This is fantastic because it means that you are likely to be able to get all of your wedding stationery printed with one design or pattern which means that the packages you create for people (you may send out your invitations, RSVP cards and driving directions all in one envelope) are consistent in design and look professional.

I chose a vintage, floral birdcage design for the invites and personalised them using the Optimalprint personalisation tool online. It was very easy and allowed me to choose the font I wanted, the size of the text and also allowed me to include all of the wording that I needed to with no silly limitations on word count. I've whited-out the personal info on the screenshots below which is why they might look a bit blank in places.

I ordered 40 invites with one set of text (the ceremony invites) and 40 invites with another set of text (for the evening invites) and the entire process from start to finish took me about 10 minutes. I also decided that I would order 80 RSVP cards so that I could include them with the invites. I used the same design that I used for the invites and also opted for envelopes to be included. I was very happy to find that Optimalprint were running a 50% off promotional code when I placed my order which is a huge saving!

My order turned up no more than 2 days later. I can't believe the speed of service. The stationery was perfectly printed and packaged very well (the RSVP cards came in small plastic business card boxes so they didn't have a chance of being bent or damaged in transit) and the invites were packaged in lots of tissue binding in a thick padded envelope. I inspected every single card as I sent them out and not one was smudged or badly printed.

A few months later I decided that I would order some plain-ish name place cards to use on the tables themselves but also on the front 2 rows of the ceremony room to reserve seats for bridesmaids, groomsmen and parents. I ordered a box of these cards and again they turned up within 3 days. I hand wrote the names with a calligraphy pen, but I imagine it would have been very simple to get the names printed by Optimal instead if you don't have time to hand-write them.

Finally, when all of the fun stuff was done, I decided that I would order my thank you cards from Optimalprint. I customised them with a wedding photo and paid extra to have them printed on glossy card. Again, I was able to use a 50% off voucher code so it turned out to be fantastic value for money. Unfortunately, I decided that I would choose the 'Untracked' postal option as I've never had any postal issue with Optimalprint before. What I didn't bank on was that the post room at the office would lose the parcel... I sent a quick tweet out to the Optimal twitter account and within the hour they had dispatched a replacement parcel completely free of charge. There was no obligation at all for the company to do this; I was the one who selected the postal option and it was my fault that I sent the parcel to a postroom instead of to a friend who was at home during the day, for example. It's such a kind gesture and trust me, when you've spent thousands of pounds on a wedding it stings to think about paying twice for something that you've already paid for!

I can't fault the service and the quality of product I've received from this company. I'd recommend them to anybody who is looking to purchase wedding stationery. The team are friendly and seem like they genuinely want to help and the service is very speedy indeed. Thanks Optimalprint!

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