Monday, 19 October 2015

6 Ways to Rock a Bath

Baths are epic. There is nothing that relaxes me more than a hot bath after a long day. Bath is bae, bath is life. Bath on fleek. Bath game strong. I know a lot of people who physically cannot enjoy a bath, and my theory is that you're just not doing it right.


  •  Make sure you have a sick collection of bath bubbles and bath crèmes. My favourite is the Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Milk Honey Bath pot with super-fun honey stirrer stick. It smells incredible and it makes amazing bubbles if you use the stirrer stick under the running water. I also love the Dove Indulging Cream Bath because it's very good value for money and leaves your skin feeling mega soft and silky.

  • Go and pick out a load of bath bombs. I am a huge advocate of the power of a bath bomb and Lush Cosmetics is the undisputed King of Bath Bombs in the UK. They cost as little as £1.95 each (the Butterbear is amazing) and you can choose from hundreds of different designs that all do different things. Some are designed to help you sleep and include lavender and chamomile like the Ickle Baby Bot pictured below. Others are designed to be fun, such as the cocktail inspired Pink Flamingo bubble bar on a stick, also pictured below. My personal favourite right now is The Experimenter; it's got popping candy in it!

  • Get a candle (or 10) out. It's amazing how quickly you'll feel relaxed if you turn your bathroom light off and light a few candles instead. My guilty pleasure is the Wild Mint Peppermint & White Tea candle from The White Company. It's such a clean and light scent and it's much more enjoyable than a heavy musky sort of smell when it comes to bathtime. Tesco are also stocking a gorgeous Fresh Linen & Cotton Candle that smells heavenly and costs a tiny weeny £4.
  • Get your entertainment ready. Now, Apple isn't going to be giving me any awards for saying this, but I haven't had a bath in the past 2 years without my iPad or my iPhone. This should go without saying: BE CAREFUL NOT TO DROP THE BLOODY THING IN THE WATER. It's not likely you'll die of electrocution a la Mel Gibson in What Women Want, but it is 100% likely that your iPad won't be in great nick after you've submerged it. Now, with that out of the way, line up a few episodes of your favourite TV show and prop your iPad up on the sink. In my case I use the time to go down my Subscribed list on YouTube and catch up on the latest Tanya Burr vlogs. You might want to read a book instead. Somebody once told me to "leave my phone in another room if you want to be able to relax in the bath". Actually, I find that I spend the whole time wondering whether anybody is trying to get hold of me (they never are) or whether the crap I'm selling on eBay has had any more bids. Embrace the day of bath-friendly-technology even though it hasn't actually arrived yet and all of your devices may break due to condensation. If you're feeling flush you could invest in an iPad bath bracket! I am not flush, and so this is a stock photo.
  • Accept the fact that a bath is not going to benefit your barnet. It's pretty much impossible to enjoy a bath if you're trying to wash your hair or keep it clean. Instead, pile it all on top of your head and wash it just after you get out, or the morning after. Use bathtime to pamper your body with lovely scrubs; I love the Palmers Cocoa Butter Body Scrub. It smells like hot chocolate (but less sweet and sickly than it sounds) and it's available for only a fiver from the lovely guys at Feel Unique. Remember to avoid shaving your legs (or whatever else you shave. Wink.) unless you want to be sat in a hot bowl of hairy bits for an hour.
  • Enjoy. Bath water getting cold? Let some out and put some hot in. Make your boyfriend bring you a cup of tea. Read 19 chapters of Maze Runner. Listen to Taylor Swift albums on repeat. Open a bottle of wine and stick the cooler on the bathroom floor. Practice what you're going to say to the next person who says they don't like cats. Compose a Christmas list. Do a face mask. Catch up on whatever news the Daily Mail is making up today. Stay in that bath for hours, if you want to. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

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