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I'm Married! A Wedding Band Review...

I can officially confirm that I am now...

After a week off work and away from the blog, I can sincerely say that our wedding day was, without a shadow of a doubt, the best day of my life. I can't believe how quickly it whizzed by. Lots of people told me that the day would rocket by but I didn't really take that seriously until I was taking my shoes off at the end of the night thinking "Nooooo, it's over?!"
I want to take a minute to sincerely thank everybody who came to celebrate with us. It would have been nothing without you all, and we mean that. Whether we've known you for 12 years, 12 months or 12 days, the sheer amount of love we were given on our wedding day really made it memorable for us and we adore you all.
(I don't have any Bride & Groom photos yet but my bridesmaids are fit as fuck so please enjoy this in the mean time)

One thing I've been desperate to do since the big day was a blog about the band that we booked for the wedding reception. They're called ReCover and they are based in West London, although they do willingly travel quite a radius so I'd enquire if you're a little bit further out and looking for a wedding band. ReCover were absolutely phenomenal.
I was nervous to book a wedding band. Everybody has seen The Wedding Singer, and everybody has seen a typically 'bad' wedding band. I've seen numerous empty dancefloors and awful covers of old, ridiculous love songs that just don't appeal to a couple in their mid-twenties. I wanted something contemporary and I wanted a cover band rather than a jazz band, for example. I wanted a band that would get people on the dancefloor and wouldn't be static, glued to the side of the room looking down at their guitars.
I'd heard ReCover at a corporate event a few years previously. I immediately fell in love. My husband (eek!) fell more in love than I did and after consuming 3 bottles of the free champagne decided to high-five the lead singer halfway through their set at Hedsor House, Buckinghamshire. I only mention this because I know it will make him cringe, and isn't that what marriage is about?! I managed to get in touch with Miles Pring, the guitarist from the band, through an old contact and was overjoyed to hear that the band was free on the evening of the wedding.
ReCover are immaculately professional. They are fully kitted up with equipment and have a PAT electrical certificate and public liability insurance to prove it. They turned up politely early on the wedding day and quietly got to work getting set up ready to play. The band looked really smart and fitted in completely with the wedding attire in the room. The second they started to play I remembered why I'd had such a good time listening to them years before; they are amazing musicians.

ReCover played a set of fun and up-beat songs (a good selection of these can be found on their Facebook page that I've linked to) and immediately got people dancing (myself included). It helps that they are quite nice to look at and had my bridesmaids swooning by the third song. The lead singer was poorly and had been replaced by a lovely lady for the evening, and she was an absolutely astounding singer. They played for around 90 minutes and honestly I can't count the number of people who came up to me to tell me how good the band was. Four people have asked me for their details and I'm already trying to think of another excuse to book ReCover for an evening.
Finally, I want to call out that the most astounding and marvellous part of having ReCover join us on our wedding day was that when I enquired as to whether they knew our first dance song (Stuck On You- Lionel Richie), they offered to learn it and play it LIVE for us instead of leaving me needing to burn a copy onto a CD for the wedding venue to use. I'm so grateful to the band for offering to play our first dance for us; it made the whole experience more personal and for me this is a moment that will stay with me forever (cringe, yes, sorry!). I was so utterly touched by the gesture, and it made an incredible difference on the day. I honestly can't recommend this band highly enough. Book them for your weddings, your corporate events and your cats' birthday if you can afford it! THANK YOU RECOVER!
Lots of love, Mrs Herrington xo

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