Sunday, 26 July 2015

Conflicting Weather; my Lakeland Wishlist

Last night, when most people were spending their Saturday night out 'in town' with their friends or snuggled up on the sofa with their loved ones, I was having a rather different sort of evening. I was sat on the landing watching the cat murder moths and reading the Lakeland catalogue.

Lakeland is my modern-day vice. I used to long to spend money I didn't have on clothes and shoes and booze; now I yearn over silicon cake moulds and copper ramekins. I pine for vintage jam jars and beechwood chopping boards. My Lakeland wishlist for July is a discernable thrill:

The Stair Tidy Tote.
What an absolutely genius idea. My stairs are forever loaded with things that I'll "take up when I next go up". Of course, by the time I decide to take the stuff upstairs there is more than I can carry and it's been sat there looking messy for 2 days. This stair tidy folds flat for when you're not using it and it has two separate compartments. Genius.

Lingerie Wash Bags
I can't count the number of times I've thrown a bra into the washing machine along with a knitted jumper and found that the bra clip has managed to rip a giant hole in my favourite jumper. Lakeland have a range of lingerie wash bags that can eradicate washing-bra-hole-related breakdowns for less than a tenner. These fine mesh polyester bags are barrel shaped for good water circulation. They even have reinforcing ribs to protect your bra's shape. I NEED THIS.

 Kanguru Throw
British weather is unpredictable, we all know this. It's July 26th today and it is wetter outside than it has been all Summer. My patio door is leaking, we've had lightening, and I'm over pretending that the time of the year has any bearing at all on the weather in good old England. The second I saw this throw I physically ached for it. It's super soft with loose fitting arms and it even has a POUCH on the front. The best bit? It's machine washable. Sunday night film night just got a load better.

The ClosetMax Shoe Organiser
The reason I absolutely need this in my life is because for months I've been looking for an innovative way to store shoes in my hallway. It's a very small space with very little room for a cute little shoe storage cupboard. It would just be too bulky and cramped. I think that if I mounted a small 2ft pole along the wall just under the ceiling I would be able to put one or two of these hanging shoe organisers in the corner of the hallway and would still be able to reach behind them to my poorly placed thermostat which is awkwardly on the wall. I honestly can't wait to try this out.

The Kilner Drinks Dispenser
This drinks dispenser is perfect for a party-punch or a huge mojito with fresh mint. It has an easy to use stopper and pourer to avoid any spillages. It has a really cool kitsch feel to it and would look lovely on a garden table during a BBQ. The reason that I liked this dispenser in particular is because it would be so easy to use it in the Winter for mulled wine in front of a fire. Imagine this full of Pimms for a Summer wedding? Stunning, all year around.  Bonus; it's dishwasher safe!

Disclaimer: All of these photos are Lakeland photos and full credit goes to them.
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