Thursday, 11 June 2015

How To Make a DIY Table Plan for Your Wedding

I spent a long time looking for websites/online resource that could help me create a table plan for the wedding. There are a lot of services and stationery companies that can print off your final table plan (the one that is displayed at the venue, all polished and glossy) but there didn't seem to be much out there for people who wanted to create their own rough copy at home; a 'work in progress' table plan.

I am probably the least 'crafty' person around but I'm lucky to have a fair few creative bridesmaids so I headed into town armed with a dream and a £20 note and was able to create the above WIP table plan in about 30 minutes. It's really been invaluable to me in terms of visualising the room for the day. It's helped the florists with their arrangements and it's helped me plan where in the room the entertainment and photography needs to be located. So what do you need?

I found everything that I needed at Hobbycraft down on Forbury Retail Park in Reading. You will need: a mounting board (large, probably A1 sized), a pack of table numbers (I found them in the wedding stationery section), a pack of blank tags, a Dot N Go glue dot dispenser (I got removable so that I could move the names around after deciding who has to sit nearest the toilets) and a pen.

Take the mounting board and stick your table numbers onto it with the glue dots. Take care to ensure that you match the table numbers with the rough table outlay for the day. I decided to make number 1 the top table and work clockwise from there.

You then need to take your blank tags and write out the names of each guest. I decided to create two pots of names; one for the brides' guestlist and one for the grooms' guestlist. It helped me to make sure that I was evenly mixing my family with my fianc├ęs' family and that tables had a nice even mix of people on them. In hindsight, I might have even picked up the tags in two different colours so that I could more clearly see this, but it worked anyway.

Place the name tags around the table numbers being careful to note how many guests you can sit at each table. I can seat 12 at each table which means that I aimed for 6 of my own guests and 6 of Bens. Math.

I've used this table plan so many times since I created it a few months back. It cost me £14 for all the materials and it's been really easy to add and remove guests as they confirm or decline on their RSVPs. The finished product is below.


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