Tuesday, 26 May 2015

How To Use Your Nespresso Machine to Make Iced Coffee

This weekend was hot and disturbingly muggy so I decided to experiment with my Nespresso machine to see if I could make an iced coffee at home. I'm told that there are various methods you can use but the one I tried went a little like this...


You need 2 Nespresso coffee pods (I tried using one but one shot is definitely not enough, you end up with milky water). You'll also need some milk, ice and something to blend the coffee and ice into a smooth milky drink consistency. I used my Nutribullet but any household blender would work just as well.


I bought a few of these milk bottles from Lakeland and I've been trying to think of ways to use them ever since. I bought 2 x 250ML and 2 x 500ML bottles along with a swing top water bottle (irrelevant here, but cute). The smaller bottles are perfect for keeping the coffee cold once it's out of the fridge. The larger bottles will probably be used for fruit smoothies or for fresh flowers on a windowsill. The small milk bottles were £1.99 each and the large ones were £2.49 each. BARGAIN.


Make 2 large coffees using your Nespresso machine (remember to change the pods in-between pouring to ensure that it's strong enough). Transfer the hot coffee into the Nutribullet cup (or blender!) and add about 2 inches of milk. I used semi-skimmed.

Add some ice cubes (I chucked a handful in. Only very specific measurements used at Reviews At Random) and stir some sugar in if you require. I didn't use sugar but if you do make sure you stir it in once the milk and ice have been added rather than just into the coffee itself.

Blend your ingredients until smooth with no trace of ice cube remaining. Then decant the drink into something with a pouring spout; I just used a measuring jug from the cupboard.

The coffee will be very frothy after you've blended the drink but it settles once placed in the fridge for an hour. Once fully cool you can serve with a straw!

The iced coffees took me about 5 minutes to make and I made 2 for the fridge. You could also try using flavoured syrups, like the Starbucks® Vanilla Flavour Syrup, to make the coffee sweeter or stronger in flavour depending on your taste.

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