Sunday, 10 May 2015

Growing Your Own Ingredients- A Virgin Review

There's something massively satisfying about using home grown ingredients when cooking. I don't do much cooking if I can help it so I'm definitely no expert when it comes to the perfect herbs and spices but food definitely tastes better when you use fresh ingredients, especially when you've cared for and grown them yourself.

Another advantage of keeping plants at home is that they look beautiful on your windowsill and add a lot of character to a kitchen. I popped down to Waitrose today and spent just over £20 on herbs, chilli seeds and growing pots and decided that I would lose my gardening virginity (I'm calling it gardening. This is my blog and I say that it's proper official gardening) and plant them myself.

I bought a set of a 3 small herb tins that come with a watering tray....
 They're cream with New Roman lettering and the set cost £8 in Waitrose. I then purchased two herb plants (thyme and rosemary) which were 2 for £5. I bought a small mint plant for £1.75 and also a red Demon Chilli plant for £6.

I will admit that the main reason I wanted a mint plant is for mojitos in the garden (honestly, use fresh mint, it's the only way!). I decided on the Demon Chillies because they are most tasty when used in slow-cooked beef chilli which is the main thing we use them for anyway. I popped the soil into the cute little rope-handled tin and watered it a little before throwing the seeds on top and covering with about an inch of soil.

The chilli tin is super cute; it comes with a mini stick of chalk so that you can write on the tin. I'm super original/quirky/kitsch/on-fleek so I wrote "Chillies". Nailed it.

I think that they look really lovely on my kitchen windowsill (and will continue to do so providing my cat doesn't eat them in their entirety whilst I'm at work). I chose herbs/plants that can deal with a lot of direct sunlight but don't need too much care other than fresh water every few days because sometimes I forget to wash the conditioner out of my hair so I probably can't be trusted with any high-maintenance windowsill wildlife...

The chillies (if they survive death by cat) should start to sprout in around a week which will probably be the most thrilling part of my week.
My cat is hotter than your girlfriend.
This was super easy to do (the whole process took me about 10 minutes once I got home with all of the 'stuff') and I was surprised at how cheap it was. You could probably do it for about half the price if you hit up somewhere like Asda or Tesco at the right time. I'd like to plant a few different flowers around the house (office, bathroom) just to add a bit of colour to the rooms, especially as I'm probably not going to be able to paint the walls until October once the wedding is done. Share your low maintenance houseplant tips in the comments section below!

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