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GHD Curve Creative Curl Wand Review

I have never been able to curl my hair, ever. It either curls beautifully then frizzes up and falls out after an hour or it just refuses to curl and skips straight to frizzy which is even worse. I had been apprehensive of spending a huge amount of money on a curling wand despite the rave reviews because it's a lot of money to spend on something that could essentially live on my dressing table waiting for a friend to borrow it. I finally bit the bullet after the ladies at Headmasters let me have a go with their GHD Curve and I have to say it is absolutely fantastic, especially for somebody who is notoriously lazy when it comes to hairstyling.

I have the GHD Creative Curl Wand. There are 4 types of GHD wand depending on what sort of curl you want to achieve. Mine is for a "tousled and beachy texture" and is suited to all hair lengths. Some of the other wands created a tighter, more defined curl. Some are suited to mid-length hair instead of long. Make sure you do your research at: to find the wand that suits your hair type and can help you achieve the curls you want.

I thought I would share my experience in actually using the wand and what I do to achieve a full head of curls.


First, wash your hair with a rich, moisturising shampoo and conditioner. I use Rehab for Hair by Tigi BED HEAD because my hair is naturally very dry and coarse; not always a bad thing if you're looking to curl it but you don't want to damage your hair. Next, use a heat protection spray on your wet hair so that it doesn't burn or dry out when you blow-dry it. Your hair needs to be bone dry to curl it which means that it could easily turn very brittle. I use TRESemme Heat Defense spray which works perfectly.

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Make sure that you blow-dry your hair straight-ish. Use a wide paddle brush rather than a radial brush as you don't want to create a wave that you have to fight against to get your curls all going in the same direction.

Next you need to section your hair. My hair is very thick so I use butterfly hair clips (you can find these online for £5 for 12 clips) to separate it into sections. These don't need to be neat and tidy and actually for beachy casual waves it's better just to grab random sections of your hair. Start with the hair underneath, nearest your neckline. Once your hair is sectioned and the top half of your hair is out of the way, grab a piece of hair from the front (take a thicker piece of hair for looser waves and a small piece for tighter ringlets) and wrap it around the curling wand ensuring that you are wrapping away from your face. Ensure that the larger end of the barrel is nearest the roots of your hair and count to 8 seconds, more if you are using a thicker piece of hair.

Work your way around your head in sections. The back of your hair is the hardest to get right so maybe get a friend to come over to help you out with the back. However, with practice it really becomes second nature. To curl my full head of hair takes me around 20-30 minutes but my first try took me around an hour because I was getting used to counting and wrapping my hair around the wand correctly.

The finished look!


I really cannot emphasise how simple to use the GHD Curve Creative Wand really is. I usually dread doing my hair after getting out of the shower but I find this really easy and strangely therapeutic. It's important to note that you don't have to aim for perfect curls the entire way around your head. I like to wear mine looser and a bit messier so after I'm done curling I run my fingers through from roots to ends just to separate it out. Once you think you're done curling you may also find a few pieces of hair that are straight because you missed them out accidentally; just take these random pieces and wrap them for a few seconds to give your hair extra volume.

You can also create a more evening look (as above) by using sea salt spray; I like Tigi Catwalk Session Series Salt Spray. It really helps to hold the curls in place leaving them tighter and more defined, and they easily last for the "day after the night out" even after sleeping on them.

The GHD Curve Creative Curl Wand has really changed my whole Friday night routine; I no longer find myself sat straightening my hair to death only for it to volumise throughout the night. For girls who are under the impression that they can't curl their hair I would advise seeing if you can have a go at using a GHD wand at your hair salon or at a friends' house. It is a technique that a complete amateur like me can pick up in an hour; yay for easy curls! The GHD curling wands are excellent value for money because they actually WORK and I'm a firm believer that you get what you pay for. There are plenty of cheaper alternatives on the market but this is the first curling iron I've found that is capable of taming my ridiculous mane and I can't rate it highly enough. 


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