Thursday, 9 April 2015

Home Colour: the Tester Pots are Here!

I've been toying with many colour schemes when it comes to painting my house. I have a new build so we're essentially working on a clean, white slate which certainly helps when it comes to the actual painting (not that I'll be allowed to get involved there!). I wanted to pick something that would be quite neutral because we plan to sell in a few years & it's hard to get rid of bold colours. Dark & statement colours make a room look much smaller so I wanted to go with something light, airy and modern.

I am practically phobic of magnolia, plus on top of that fact I know that I still want to pick a colour that I adore. I may be flipping this house for resale but I'll be the one living here for the next 3 years.

I think I've decided on varying shades of Duck Egg. It's a heady mix of blue and green but it's also available in complimentary shades (the three I chose are pictured). I want to pick a few statement walls for the darkest shade with pale duck egg on the remaining walls. I'll probably put the duck egg white in the kitchen and bathrooms.

I'm going to get the colours on a wall (if Ben permits!) this weekend and will post an update then...

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