Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Professor Green Vs. Katie Hind: A Timeline

Afternoon peeps,

So this isn't really a review, but I have been following the Pro Green Vs. Katie Hind saga all afternoon and it got a little bit catty! I'll attempt to list these in a sort of chronological order; if you aren't used to Twitter then you need to read the posts from the bottom upwards as the most recent post is always listed at the top of the feed:

1. Lily Cooper, formally and famously known as Lily Allen, posts a tweet directed at Katie Hind who is a "Showbiz Editor" for the Mirror which is a rather low-brow tabloid newspaper in the UK. The tweet basically calls Ms. Hind out for apparently fabricating an interview with Allen during Glastonbury Festival which I assume was published in The Mirror this morning.


2. Katie Hind responds with her justification of where the content of the interview came from

Katie Hind1

3. Professor Green, a very successful British rapper, wades into the conversation with some expletives and a seemingly unfavorable opinion of journalist Hind. I've deleted the C bomb out as this post is NSFW enough already. It seems that Katie Hind has published articles on Green previously although I'm unfamiliar with the article where Hind apparently practically 'prints his address' in the content of the page.


4. Pro Green targets the paper itself via their dedicated Twitter handle


5. The newspaper responds in a typically idiotic but amusing manner because it is managed by what can only be described as morons, but I suppose they could claim they were antagonized


6. Pro Green continues his rant which starts getting weird because the original issue involved Lily Allen and Katie Hind...


7. Journalist Katie Hind panics and does a Twitter 'flailabout' for a while and its clear at this point that Pro Green's fans have picked up on Hinds' weight and made that their main problem. Katie Hind gets literally DESTROYED by Twitter, Pro Green has 1.8 million followers which include numerous fangirls so it was never really going to end well for the poor, stupid woman

Katie Hind2KatieHind3


8. Tweeters start getting caught in the crossfire. Its both typical and easy for everyone to have an opinion on everything on Twitter and Pro Green starts setting his fans on individuals who voice any sort of contrary opinion on the matter by re-tweeting their messages. It gets both mental and hilarious at the same time


9. All parties involved eventually give up and put it to rest leaving Twitter to basically kill itself on the topic


I hope that helps people who missed it, I don't really have a strong opinion on any of it. I think it all depends on whether Katie Hind lied about the Lily Allen quotes or not! It's safe to say that she's probably a bit confused by the backlash but seems to have quite a few more followers because of it; Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining? I'm interested in your opinions on the whole lot so leave a comment.

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