Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Mirror; The Sunday People

An odd sort of troll person (I think Peter Walker was his name?) left a comment on yesterdays blog that basically called me out for writing that Katie Hind works for The Sunday People, not The Mirror as I wrote. He also said that she had a 'cushty' job and I just wrote blogs. You know that people do other things behind these blogs right? I don't sit here for a week thinking of an article whilst reclining on the sofa that the job centre funded for me - I have an actual day job.

FYI, moron, The Mirror OWNS Sunday People. Jesus Christ.


Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Professor Green Vs. Katie Hind: A Timeline

Afternoon peeps,

So this isn't really a review, but I have been following the Pro Green Vs. Katie Hind saga all afternoon and it got a little bit catty! I'll attempt to list these in a sort of chronological order; if you aren't used to Twitter then you need to read the posts from the bottom upwards as the most recent post is always listed at the top of the feed:

1. Lily Cooper, formally and famously known as Lily Allen, posts a tweet directed at Katie Hind who is a "Showbiz Editor" for the Mirror which is a rather low-brow tabloid newspaper in the UK. The tweet basically calls Ms. Hind out for apparently fabricating an interview with Allen during Glastonbury Festival which I assume was published in The Mirror this morning.

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