Saturday, 1 June 2013

Modern Family Review

Modern Family is a TV sitcom which debuted on ABC in 2009, but is now available on Netflix which is how I came to be watching it from here in the UK. It is a sort of 'mockumentary' which follows the lives of 3 very different but intertwined families and it is honestly one of the best TV Series I've ever seen.


I'm not actually a huge fan of television. I don't watch any TV at home, I don't even have a TV license because we don't watch any live television (no aerial!). Anything I do catch usually stems from a catch-up service like Netflix, BBC iPlayer or 4OD. Consequently, there aren't many shows that I fall in love with and eagerly await the next episode of but Modern Family is certainly one of them.

As each episode concludes you find yourself falling more and more in love with the characters. Jay Prichett (portrayed by Ed O'Neill) is the distinct head of the family and plays husband, father and grandfather to a plethora of other characters. He is married to the beautiful Gloria (played by Sofia Vergara) who is both beautiful and intelligent and happens to be my very latest girl crush. The story details the lives of Jay's family along with the families he has created through the lives of his two children; the gay son Mitchell and the stay-at-home-mother Claire.

Modern Family is a laugh out loud sort of comedy and the way it is filmed makes it all the more ridiculous. My favourite performance comes from Cameron, the gay partner of Mitchell, played by Eric Stonestreet. He paints the most heart-wrenchingly beautiful portrayal of a modern day homosexual relationship and I can't help thinking that he is the husband I'll never have. Apparently, Stonestreet is 'openly straight' but his acting is ridiculously persuasive.

By way of summary, you'd be a fool to miss out on Modern Family. I'm already clamming for the next season to appear on Netflix for more cringe worthy-giggles...

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