Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Mirror; The Sunday People

An odd sort of troll person (I think Peter Walker was his name?) left a comment on yesterdays blog that basically called me out for writing that Katie Hind works for The Sunday People, not The Mirror as I wrote. He also said that she had a 'cushty' job and I just wrote blogs. You know that people do other things behind these blogs right? I don't sit here for a week thinking of an article whilst reclining on the sofa that the job centre funded for me - I have an actual day job.

FYI, moron, The Mirror OWNS Sunday People. Jesus Christ.


Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Professor Green Vs. Katie Hind: A Timeline

Afternoon peeps,

So this isn't really a review, but I have been following the Pro Green Vs. Katie Hind saga all afternoon and it got a little bit catty! I'll attempt to list these in a sort of chronological order; if you aren't used to Twitter then you need to read the posts from the bottom upwards as the most recent post is always listed at the top of the feed:

1. Lily Cooper, formally and famously known as Lily Allen, posts a tweet directed at Katie Hind who is a "Showbiz Editor" for the Mirror which is a rather low-brow tabloid newspaper in the UK. The tweet basically calls Ms. Hind out for apparently fabricating an interview with Allen during Glastonbury Festival which I assume was published in The Mirror this morning.


Tuesday, 25 June 2013

We Buy Any Car Review

I'm in the process of selling my Citroen C1 and I think it makes sense to get as many quotes as possible and to really explore the market which is why I decided to look at We Buy Any Car for some pricing.


They are actually located in the building I work in which is in Reading, Berkshire so I phoned down and spoke to a guy called Dan (or Dave?) to get somebody to pop out to my car which was conveniently sleeping in the underground carpark outside :)

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Bucklebury Farm Review

Bucklebury Farm is located in Reading, Berkshire, and is home to a wide variety of farmyard (and not so farmyard!) animals. I first heard about the farm from a friend with children who said that it was a pretty good day out if the sun is shining and you want something to do for a few hours. We paid £8.95 each to get in (as two adults, we don't have kids) and just as a note, they do accept cards which is rather unexpected considering the drive to the farm is pretty much single-track country lanes and deadly blind corners.


Saturday, 1 June 2013

Modern Family Review

Modern Family is a TV sitcom which debuted on ABC in 2009, but is now available on Netflix which is how I came to be watching it from here in the UK. It is a sort of 'mockumentary' which follows the lives of 3 very different but intertwined families and it is honestly one of the best TV Series I've ever seen.


I'm not actually a huge fan of television. I don't watch any TV at home, I don't even have a TV license because we don't watch any live television (no aerial!). Anything I do catch usually stems from a catch-up service like Netflix, BBC iPlayer or 4OD. Consequently, there aren't many shows that I fall in love with and eagerly await the next episode of but Modern Family is certainly one of them.

Friday, 31 May 2013

Prancercise® Review

You might not have heard about the latest exercise craze since Zumba, but it's taking the world by storm (sort of...)

Prancercise® is defined as: A springy, rhythmic way of moving forward,similar to a horse’s gait and ideally induced by elation. Now don't get me wrong, I'm hardly a fitness freak. Some would say that I am actually a fitnessphobe if anything, but I truly believe that I might be an actual pro when it comes to Prancercise. Never before have I found an exercise that I am greatest at when drunk and this makes it much more of a feasible workout plan as I'm drunk during most of my free time...

Ladies, whack your stilettos on and Prancercise down into town because lets be honest, you'll be Prancercising by midnight whether you're intending to or not.


West Midlands Safari Park Review

West Midlands Safari Park is located in Worcestershire and is a great example of the 'British Safari'. It has a couple of acres of land dedicated to a number of wild animals like lions, elephants, ostriches, camels, rhinos, cheetahs, tigers and a few rarer sights such as anoa, eland, dholes and nilgai (a sort of 'hench' deer!).

Curious Giraffe
The first part of the park is the safari element. You do have to drive your own car around so I wouldn't rock up in your latest BMW but every time I've been the animals have been careful around vehicles as they are so used to them. It takes roughly 2 to 3 hours to get around the safari track and you get to see a huge variety of wildlife. I've had a pride of lions literally brush past my drivers' side window and it's amazing how close you can get to the likes of tigers, rhinos and giraffes. Animals will often stand in the road because some idiots make a habit of feeding them random treats found inside their cars, so it's quite easy to get within touching distance of a buffalo, for example. I took my 10 year old brother with me last Summer and he spent the entire time jumping around the car and screeching whenever he spotted anything. West Midlands Safari park is definitely a day out that can be enjoyed by kids and adults!

I've gone and done it

Reviews are something which I find myself endlessly searching for. Whether it be a hotel, new restaurant, mobile app or kitchen appliance I think we all need reassurance that somebody out there has been brave enough or stupid enough to give it a go...

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